Jake Cullum-Hollins

Jake’s story is a great inspiration to any wishing to join our community, he is the franchisee for Hereford.

He began his journey in July 2020 as a Kickstarter Agent after a 14 year history of various sales and marketing jobs. Self-employment always appealed to him yet it often felt like something only just out of reach. At last, opportunity presented itself in the aftermath of redundancy. He wanted full control of his career and pondered over various industries, eventually gravitating towards estate agency.

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He came upon our ‘Kickstarter Agent’ opportunity, after rapid success he upgraded to a full franchise within 6 months! This proved a great decision as within 12 months he had created his own £100k business!

Jake was attracted by ‘The Good Estate Agent’ because it allowed him to take a modern, flexible approach to a conventional business. Especially valuable to him is the ability to use the brand name and logo whilst taking full responsibility for the method it’s marketed. Rather than an anonymous brand name he enjoys adding his own personal touch, giving him credibility in his area… this fits in great with his ethos of prioritising the relationship with his customers, which in turn has led to much success.

Jake found the first hurdle to be most difficult, getting his first listing, though initially intimidating he made his mark by using simple but consistent advertising methods such as leafleting. This led to his first listing which sold within four weeks! Success within his franchise grew exponentially from there as one ‘For Sale’ sign led to five more sales on the same street!

Priceless to him is now having the free time to spend with his kids as he dictates his own  working hours, he has much more freedom to take a holiday or day off. Simultaneously more work is always available if he wishes to boost his earnings.

For those wishing to emulate his success he recommends you show maximum interest in your customers needs, prioritising flexibility and genuine emotional consideration towards your clients. This trait has been crucial in leading him to being one of the most successful agents in his area.

It’s great for a customer to have a familiar, reliable face during the stressful period of selling property, and this perhaps could be you.